19.01.16 Epiphany Congratulations!

Orthodox Church celebrates Epiphany celebrates - the football club "Saburtalo" Congratulations to you today! Peace, kindness, success and all the best of luck!

18.01.16 U-17 team beat Moldova

loogo11 1Vasil Maisuradze taught U-17 team, which is the international tournament in Minsk.The first victory in the debut match of the Georgians won over Moldova in a dramatic match,5:4.However, the difference was in the lead after the first half against the two-ball.

Nevertheless, the play of their favor and held the first three points,Know that this team has a "Saburtalo" the player competes. At today's meeting the goals Sandro Andronikashvili, George Chakvetadze, Mr Kharabadze and Luke Silagadze (twice) scored.


18.01.16 Elvin Terra birthday!

etFC "Saburtalo" Kenyan footballer Elvin Terra birthday - on behalf of the club, we congratulate Alvin Birthday! Health, success and wish him all the best, both in sports and in life!

18.01.16 Valeri Kazaishvili is the 18th round best player

vvkk"Saburtalo" home-grown player Valeri  Kazaishvili that arnemuli "Vitesse" dignity, become the 18th round best player. Last weekend, "Vitesse" guest "Kambur" 2: 0, the second goal was scored it played.


18.01.16 “FC Saburtalo ", born in 2001, the teenagers underwent a medical examination


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“FC Saburtalo ", born in 2001, the teenagers, who coaches the young specialist Valery Gagua, today underwent a medical examination. New Year after the team gathered for the first time on Monday.


18.01.16 Reserve match starts at 18:00

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"Saburtalo " the reserve team, which is continuing in preparation for the second round, the first league match on January 20, "Rustavi" competing. ON "Bendela"stadium the match will start at 18:00.


18.01.16 ''FC DINAMO'' VS ''FC SABURTALO'' at 13:00

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Football club "SABURTALO" on January 20 this year, wears the first friendly matches - against the most titled club "Dinamo" Tbilisi will be. The confrontation of our team Dinamo training base will start at 13:00.



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