14.10.15 4 Point again...

loogo11 1Today "FC Saburtalo" Youth teams hosted "Tskhinvali" of their ages. Suliko Davitashvilis team won 4-0, As for Giorgi Chelidzes team, they finished match with the score 1-1.


13.10.15 Georgian National U21 team won "Estonia"

loogo11 1Today took place at "Mikheil Meskhi" match. Georgian Youth team hosted "Estonia" and win with the score 3-0. In the first half, Otar Kakabadze, Nika Kacharava and Otar Kiteishvili scored the goals. After that nothing has changed. Our team got 3 point today. 


13.10.15 Youth teams: "FC Saburtalo - Tskhinvali"

loogo11 1Tomorrow "FC Saburtalo" Youth teams will host "Tskhinvali" of their ages. Suliko Davitashvilis team will start the match at 13:00. Giorgi Chelidzis team will start at 15:00. Matches will host in Gldani at "Saburtalo Academy" stadium


12.10.15 Youth team will host "Estonians"..

loogo11 1"FC Saburtalo" several players, playing in Georgian Youth team, wich will host Albanians in European Championship Qualifying round match of their ages. The match at "Mikheil Meskhi" will start at 19:00.  


12.10.15 Third win at "Meskhi" cup

loogo11 1"FC Saburtalo" 2003 win three match in succession, Valeri Gaguas boys completed with "Bakhtrioni" in Akhmeta and win the score 3-0. 



12.10.15 Elit-League Results

loogo11 1Last weekend "FC Saburtalo" teams, played and won many matches in Elit League. There was interesting match against G.F.F (2000 year). "Our boys" managed to score one goal and got 3 point. 1-0 


10.10.15 Today is the birthday of Davit Petriashvili


Today is FC "Saburtalos" ex-vice president, the Director of FIFA and Uefa matches, member of World or European Championships Organization Davit Petriashvili birthday.

On the behalf of the club we congratulate Davit on his birthday, we wish him all the best in sports career and in life as well!


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