27.11.13 Nick Eloshvili: "We can do more"

nikoloz eloshviliNick Eloshvili plays U-14 "Saburtalo" team, his team is now on 6th places. Last game our team played against "Dinamo" Academy for this match we started interview:
It was hard match, we were a little bit unlucky.We created a lot of moments but at the end we lost. 5-6 minutes earlier before match finished score was 2-2 but "dinamo" score 2 goals at the end.

- What do you think was the cause of lost?
- If i say "Dinamo" is better team it is not right lost was only our fault we had many technical problems in this match we did not fullfiled what coach told to us.
- Half of tournament is going to end what you can say about first half of season?
- Now we are on the 6th place its not good for us we can do more we will work and try hard and i think second will be more sucessful for us.
- What do you think what is your team s plus?
- The ball game my coach Giorgi Dekanosidze teach us very well he give us many pleasant and require exercises with Giorgi we started progresing faster 
- In your opinion what the main problems in youth football?
- We have very good conditions which have also only two teams in youth football other youth footbal academys dont have even elementary conditions. If they get this conditions tournament will be much more interesting because interest will grow up.
- And last queston, New Year is coming what do you wish?
- To become a good player to take higher place in our tournament an play nice football.